The Value of Guards in Commercial Building Security

Nov 10, 2023 | Security | 0 comments

Take the next step in protecting your assets by investing in commercial building security through AJ Squared Security. Regardless of your industry, your organization is at risk even when you are unaware of potential threats. Reduce the chance of losses by finding the right team to trust your business with when things take a turn for the worse. 

Before deciding to only purchase a fancy security system, here are a few reasons to incorporate security guards into your long-term strategy.

Why Invest in People Over Technology? 

While security systems do a great job at identifying different forms of threats, having people on the ground to monitor such systems is irreplaceable. Experienced industry professionals take your defense tactics to the next level by implementing effective strategies. 

Technology is a tool that enhances any goal. However, the human element is what opens the door for success. Having a team on the premises 24/7 means that in case of an emergency, trained professionals are there on the scene and ready to respond. 

Safer and Friendlier Environment 

When you have security at your facility, they get to know your staff and bring them peace of mind when they come to work for their shift. Depending on the location of your business, security may encourage more qualified applications to take the initiative to join your organization. 

Reduced Crime 

If criminals see security in person at your business, the chances of theft or vandalism decrease significantly. Discouraging crime is only one of the many things that commercial building security brings to a company. When someone does take the unwanted step of damaging your assets, your new security detail is prepared to respond accordingly. 

Handling Other Emergencies 

While crime is one of the primary concerns of any security guard, other threats are out there that could potentially harm your commercial building. In case there is a fire, your security team gets in contact with the fire department sooner rather than later to reduce the odds of losses. 

Partnering With AJ Squared Security 

When searching for commercial building security, place your trust in a team like AJ Squared, which has decades of experience in the industry. Whether you need guards for hosted events or consistently monitoring of your business, AJ Squared has you covered. This team offers 24/7 support for whatever situation arises. 

Every guard that comes from AJ Squared completes extensive training for protecting businesses like yours. During their courses, officers receive instruction on a variety of important skills, including first aid and creating and implementing effective defense strategies. 

Commercial Building Security: Your Next Steps

Throughout the year, the number of unknown threats that come into play is shocking. Having a team that is in your corner through it all is essential to grow. Whether you need someone there for the short-term or a long-term partnership, AJ Squared Security has the solutions you need when you need them.
Are you ready to secure your business in 2024? Contact AJ Squared today to get started.