Unarmed Security Guard Services: When and Why They Work

Jan 10, 2024 | Security | 0 comments

Choosing the best type of security service is critical for securing your business or property, and different situations may warrant a different approach. Unlike their armed counterparts, unarmed security guards can provide a personalized approach to safety without the risk of lethal force in a variety of situations. 

In this blog post, we’ll look at a few of the settings and scenarios in which unarmed security guard services are the best-case solution, providing effective protection without the use of deadly weapons.

Retail Locations

Unarmed security guards are an obvious choice for retail settings, where their presence serves as a visual deterrent to shoplifting and vandalism. Their first and foremost responsibility is to monitor consumer behavior, maintain a clearly visible professional presence, and collaborate with store personnel to promote a safer shopping experience for everyone.

Corporate Headquarters

The security needs of corporate offices frequently revolve around access control, visitor management, and maintaining a professional atmosphere. Unarmed security guards excel in these environments, putting special training to use in managing entrance points, verifying credentials, and providing a friendly yet vigilant presence that preserves a healthy working atmosphere.

Educational Institutions

Unarmed security guards are frequently used at educational institutions, where their responsibilities extend beyond preventing unwanted access. They help to provide a safe and secure learning environment by monitoring for suspicious activity and assisting with emergency response tactics in the event of an emergency.

Residential Communities

The presence of unarmed security guards in residential communities can provide both owners and residents with a greater sense of safety. Guards are trained to patrol the premises, check surveillance cameras, and respond to security-related incidents as needed. Their responsibilities revolve around community engagement and proactive deterrence rather than police work. 

Conferences and Events

Unarmed security guard services can be put to good use at special events and conferences — especially those that require a less intense security presence. The main focus here is on crowd management, access control, and ensuring the safety of attendees, VIPs, and whatever speakers or performers may be present.

Medical Facilities

In healthcare settings, a safe and peaceful environment is elevated from a professional convenience to an all-out necessity. Unarmed security guard services are perfect for such a scenario, working to ensure the safety of patients and staff by restricting entry points, responding to calls, and partnering with healthcare personnel in nonviolent crisis intervention.

Why Go With Unarmed Security Guard Services?

The versatility of unarmed security guards lies in their ability to provide a strong security presence without the use of weapons. They perform best in situations that require less force and more tact, focusing on prevention, observation, and teamwork. Depending on the setting, your security needs might benefit from:

An Approachable Presence

Unarmed security guards typically carry a less ominous presence, making them appropriate for places in need of a more accessible atmosphere.

Customer-Centric Interaction

Unarmed guards excel in interaction, boosting customer service capabilities and maintaining a positive tone in settings with regular client engagement.

Expertise in De-Escalation

Unarmed security personnel are trained in de-escalation tactics and prioritize resolving crises without violence, making them a first choice for sensitive situations.

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