What Is the Loss-Prevention Technique Used by Most Clients?

Jan 31, 2024 | Security | 0 comments

Here in the ever-evolving landscape of commercial security, loss-prevention techniques are as numerous as they are varied. As certified security experts, we tend to hear a lot of the same questions when businesses come looking for superior asset protection. One of the most frequent is this:

What is the loss-prevention technique used by most clients?

While the answer is a bit more complex than you might expect, there’s one that mostly encompasses the reality of the situation. 

Solutions That Fall Short: Too Much Reliance on Technology

The most common loss-prevention techniques used by clients focus on technological products. Far too often, companies put all their security eggs in the high-tech basket, depending on components such as surveillance cameras, access control, alarm systems, and other solutions.

What many of them lack is the human element. While tech can be a helpful tool, there are many reasons that human security officers are needed for the most effective security strategies.


Security guards can adapt to unexpected situations and make quick decisions based on their understanding of context and nuance. They can assess threats, de-escalate situations, and react to emergencies in ways that technology simply is unable to.

Interpersonal Skills

Human personnel build rapport, communicate thoroughly, and provide customer service, which is vital for security in public environments. They can also interpret body language and non-verbal cues that technology can miss.

Physical Presence

A visible security presence deters crime and provides a sense of security to people in the area. They can also perform physical tasks like patrols and interventions that technology cannot.


Security patrol officers can handle a wider range of tasks than most security systems, such as access control, crowd management, and first aid. They can also be redeployed to different areas or situations as needed.

Elevate the Basics: On-Site Security Professionals

Security systems are essential to the proactive protection of any commercial environment, whether retail, manufacturing, or service. They’re able to detect the earliest warning signs of threats like theft, trespassing, or vandalism. What they are unable to do, however, is act on your behalf. 

Think of your security technology as an incomplete immune system. To round out your loss-prevention strategy with comprehensive protection, you need a team of dedicated security professionals you can rely on to take action. Here’s what such a team can provide for you:

Proactive Monitoring

Security personnel are trained to actively monitor surveillance feeds to identify threats before they can escalate. This takes the capabilities of automated systems to a whole new level of security. 

Immediate Response

Comprehensive security demands both proaction and reaction. On-site security officers are the white blood cells of your business’s immune system, springing into action to address any threat your technology detects.  

Customized Solutions

Every business is unique, and so are its needs when it comes to security. Professional security experts have the knowledge to adapt to changing circumstances and tailor a security strategy perfectly for your business.

AJ Squared Security: Your Loss-Prevention Team

While tech-based security systems and on-site personnel are each effective in their own right, their separate potentials pale in comparison to what they can accomplish together. If your business has already implemented the commonplace loss-prevention techniques, it’s time to take your security to the next level.

For this and any security need, AJ Squared is here to help. Our guards are thoroughly trained for asset protection across a wide variety of industries, and we’re confident we have the perfect team for you. Get in touch today to discover the true potential of your security system. Find your solution from AJ Squared Security.
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